5 Amazing Reasons You Should Play Tennis This Summer

Are you thinking of getting into shape while having fun this summer? Do you want to share some excitement with friends and family? You should play tennis this summer!

It’s a fantastic way to tone your muscles, trim your body, bathe in the sun, and create magnificent memories. Regardless of your skill level—pro or newbie—playing this sport can boost your mood and health. You should definitely add it to your fun activities for the season.

We’ll show you more irresistible reasons you should play the sport and tap into all these benefits that are easily and cheaply available to you. As long as you’re ready to seize it.

Why You Should Play Tennis This Season

1. You can go solo or grab a partner

Tennis players are not ranked by age, they’re ranked by skill level. That’s why a lot of people see the game as a sport for life. So you often see people pass this down in their families from generation to generation.

When you go to any tennis court to play, you’ll have the option to partner with someone of your skill level or go solo. Either way, you’ll always have someone to practice with. And that someone—family, friend, or stranger at the recreational center—can turn out to be your “playmate”.

2. Tennis courts are easy to find

As much as you’re likely to find a basketball court in almost every public park, you’re equally likely to find a tennis park there too. And they’ll be close to your home. So a quick Google search that goes “tennis court near me” or “recreational park near me” can guide you to one closest to your home.

And even if you can’t find one in a favorable distance to your home, your basement wall or backyard might work just as well. So there’s no excuse not to play the sport.

3. Tennis lessons are cheap and accessible

Don’t know how to play the sport? Or you’ve been away so long that you’ve gotten rusty? Tennis lessons are not hard to find. In your nearest recreational center, for instance, there’ll be tennis lessons for almost any age. Whether one-on-one coaching or group tennis lessons. You can improve your game and perfect your technique at reasonable prices.

4. It is a safe and fun way to craft your summer body

Playing tennis is safe. You don’t have to come in contact with anyone so there’s not much collision or injuries to worry about. The only thing you have to look at for is the ball coming from your opponent’s racket.

So as you avoid getting knocked down by another person, you still get a great cardiovascular workout with the sport. Scientifically, it’s been proven to help you live a longer and healthier life.

5. You don’t need much equipment to play

What do you need to play tennis? Some tennis balls, a set of rackets, a net, and a solid ground to play (preferably concrete). As you can see, it’s not much — certainly not something you cannot improvise, especially the net.

And if you’re playing by yourself, you’ll need a wall that can bounce the ball back to you. You can easily get up, gear up, and play tennis with friends and family this summer. To buy inexpensive tennis equipment, visit a garage sale or used sporting equipment store. Or you can borrow from someone you know.

Few or no equipment needed, cheap lessons, courts everywhere — tennis is calling you and you can answer. All you have to do to get started with this easy, fun, and exciting sport this summer is to visit a recreational center near you.

Some centers offer tennis tutorials. You can get these for your little children and yourself. Why wait? Get started on shaping up for the summer months with tennis!